Nothing Feels Good by The Promise Ring


Sorry for the long pause, I was busy with my other blog…

Today I will be reviewing “Nothing Feels Good” by The Promise Ring. This album is an absolute emo classic, yet I have not listened to it. Actually, I have only listened to “How Nothing Feels” and I really liked it, I don’t know why I didn’t keep listening to it.

Let’s dig into it!

  1. Is This Thing On?     7.9/10 Nice intro, this is kinda poppy, but good. I really dig the bass! The vocals are nothing special though. I think this has THE sound? Damn… Really nice chorus too. Yeah, this is a good opener, but nothing special.
  2. Perfect Lines     8/10 This is pretty good, I dig the guitar riff at the intro. The drums are better than last song, and the bass is on point too. As expected, these aren’t good lyrics. At all. But hey, it’s midwest emo, so I totally expected this. The last 10 seconds remind me of REM for a reason.
  3. Red & Blue Jeans     10/10 This is how it’s supossed to sound, twinkly guitars and an overall comfy bass. Hell yeah! Now, there isn’t that much to say about this song, apart that it’s fucking awesome. Well done, Promise Ring!
  4. Why Did We Ever Meet     9/10 This really sounds familiar, I think it is because it’s their most famous song. That is definitely not a bad thing, but it’s just not as good as last song. The chorus is banging though. EXTREMELY GOOD AT 03:22, THIS IS THE SOUND MY DUDES.
  5. Make Me a Chevy     8.5/10 Really good intro, once again, this is just how it’s supposed to sound. The vocals are kind of better in this song. This song is really comfy, and I like it for that. 01:25 to 01:53 is so great, it’s almost sickening.
  6. How Nothing Feels     6/10 Damn…
  7. A Broken Tenor     7/10 Ohh, post-hardcore-ish sounding bass, I like it! When the vocals kick in, the song gets a little worse, but not too much to make me skip it. The chorus is just a little bad (just kidding it’s kinda despicable) It’s an ok song, it just should have kept the post-hardcore sound from the intro.
  8. Raspberry Rush     9/10 This reminds me of The Microphones, maybe it’s because of the comfy ass bass? The soothing guitar melodies? The minimalistic but energetic drums? God knows. This is actually just what I needed, emo-ish The Microphones.
  9. Nothing Feels Good     8/10 Cool intro. When the drums kick in, it gets so much better (the song, that is) Seriously, nice song and as always, pretty bad lyrics (but it adds to the aestethic, so it’s ok) The song was way too short though.
  10. Pink Chimneys     9/10 Yes. This some quality shit. This album is something extremely rare in “midwest emo”, the rare thing is that it has such a smooth bass. The bass is pretty much the most important thing in this song. The drums are also rad in this song. There is not that much to say about the guitar, there are no twinkly riffs.
  11. B Is for Bethlehem     8/10 This album is getting kinda repetitive, isn’t it? There isn’t much to say about this song since it’s just like any other song. But it’s still pretty nice.
  12.  Forget Me     8/10 ;_;7 Strong closer, I really dig the drums. This song reminds me of Jimmy Eat World (I’m not sure if that’s good or bad). Yeah it’s a pretty good song.

Well, there it is. I listened to this classic. Some songs were incredible, some were, uuh, less good?. It was just an average album, nothing out of this world. Red & Blue Jeans was definitely the best song in the album, it’s the perfect emo song.

Based on the song ratings, this album would be a 7.7/10, an ok album


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