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This is Dear Pines first full lenght album and sadly, their last. This is one of the three midwest emo albums that have come out this year, and i’m expecting this year to be pretty good. I mean, last year was incredible for midwest emo, why can’t this year too? Here I go…

  1. More (I)     8/10 Really good sing, kinda lo-fi at first, but then gets better (not that lo fi stuff is bad). Tyler (the singer) sings pretty well, actually, surprisingly good for it to be labeled as “Midwest Emo”. The song was a little too short tho.
  2. Skipping     8/10 Good bass, comfy as hell. The drums are a little too simple for my taste, but they sound alright. This lacks more math core-ish guitars and harmonics. The lyrics are nice!! The last minute is also REALLY GOOD!!
  3. Live There     9/10 Oh god, this has THE sound. This reminds me of The Pillows, it has to be the drums. The chorus is so good! I might listen to it again after I finish the album (EDIT: I did.)
  4. Started To Hurt     8/10 YES, HARMONICS!!! The vocals sound a little off in this song, I think it would have been better if it was instrumental. It’s still a pretty good song.
  5. Intricacies     9/10 IT’S THE SOUND AGAIN, HOLY SHIT! Cool vocals and cool bass, everything is cool.
  6. Clean Break     8/10 Intro sounds a little kerrang!-tier, but it gets NICE afterwards, so it’s ok.
  7. Red Arrow     7/10 Finally a math-core sounding song (just a little bit, actually), I sadly am not sure if I liked it. It sounds a little too much like the fifth song, or at least the bass does.
  8. Decay In Motion     9/10  Man, this song is great! The bass is really good, the drums are also pretty damn good. The lyrics are, well, really “midwest. This might be one of the best songs in the album, not the best one but one that I’m sure I’ll remember.
  9. Rang So True     6/10 The intro reminds me a little of Mineral, that’s a good thing. The vocals seems a little half assed in this song, but come on, we are talking midwest emo right here. The guitar is pretty nice, but the vocals just ruin the song for me.
  1. More (II)     8/10 This lyrics are good, like, really good. This song was acoustic, and thankfully, the guitar was nice. A strong closer for Dear Pines.


This album was pretty sad, knowing that this is their last album. One of the best emo albums of the year, that’s for sure.

I would rate this a 8/10, worth to remember.

This album also is avaiable to buy as a cassette, and it looks gorgeous, just look at it




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