Pale Marble Movie by Bicyle Sunday

This has to be one of the comfiest covers of all time

listen to it if you want to

This is Bicycle Sunday’s newest album, it was released last month ( 9th of February, to be more precise) and by reading the Bandcamp description I can tell this is gonna be awesome. So yeah, i’ve got high expectations for this album.

  1. A Resounding Sense of Stability     9/10 This is really comfy! I like pretty much everything about this song. At least this is proof that midwest emo isn’t dead (what a relief) The lyrics are pretty good, it screams out honesty.
  2. Electricity Everywhere     9/10 I really dig Joe’s (the singer) voice in this song, it reminds me of the slow American Football songs, apart that this sounds a little better (or different)
  3. Theme From “Pacific Radio Fire”     8/10 Nice intro, but that’s pretty much it. good lyrics though.
  4. I Won’t     9/10 For some reason, this song sent chills down my spine, this song is the best one so far. This song is nostalgic in a way I can’t explain.
  5. An Infinite Supply of 35mm Film     9/10 I love the guitar picking at the intro of the song, very math rock-ish. The song gets extremely comfy when the bass kicks in :), i like it. IT GETS EVEN COMFIER WHEN MY MAN JOE BEGINS SINGING, I LOVE HIS VOICE!
  6. Home Could be Anywhere     8.5/10 Nice, I dig the drums in this one.
  7. Pacific Radio Fire     10/10 This is good. Really good. Actually, this might be the best song yet, “I Won’t” is almost as good as this one, but nah, this one is way comfier and, well, “emo”.
  8. Winter Rug     9/10 Good lyrics, man. I really hope they aren’t based on a true story. The instruments were alright, I sadly didn’t pay much attention
  9. The Greyhound Tragedy      9/10 THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE COMFIEST BASS LINES EVER, WOW.
  10. Your Father Died This Afternoon     9/10 Strong closer, I liked it!

This might be on my top 10 albums of the year (so far), I think that this album was incredible. Even if it was simple at times, it didn’t affect the quality of the songs (quality as enjoyment, not like, 180 kbps) So yeah, I can say I rather enjoyed this album. Even if it might not be the best in the genre, it still is an album worth to remember.

I would give this album a 8,95, but I’m going to round it up to a 9. Well done, Bicycle Sunday!


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