Poetry Class ’96 by Flashlight


Poetry Class ’96 was released by the band Flashlight, this is their debut album but also their last. Rate Your Music says this is shoegaze AND midwest emo. That’s nice because those are my favourite genres. I’m expecting this album to be extremely good, even if it is the least rated album in the midwest emo category.

One of the band members are also part of Owls, Joan Of Arc, Cap’n Jazz, all the Kinsella stuff (It’s Victor Villareal). I’m really hyped for this album.

  1. The Song Formally Known As Princess     9/10 This is exactly how I expected the album to sound, opening with some math core-ish guitar and energetic drums. This is really nice.
  2. Spider     10/10 THIS IS HOW I WANT MY BAND TO SOUND, IF I EVER HAVE ONE. THIS IS THE SOUND. There is just no way this is real.
  3. Boots     9/10 Man, that intro gave me goosebumps, the bass is a little too loud tho, and it’s just one note. The drums are on point too. This song feels nostalgic in some way that I can’t quite explain.
  4. (Untitled)    10/10 This weirdly reminds me of Sigur Rós, maybe because it has nice piano riffs. This is the emo definition of “Irresistible” by Deafheaven.
  6. Devine Electrifying Induction    9/10 This is the most famous song in the album, with 59 views on youtube. This song is ok, not the best in the album but still a tune worth to remember. This song also has some nice Cap’n Jazz vibes going (that’s indeed a good thing)
  7. Pinball     10/10 YES, HARMONICS!! YES, SCREAMS!! YES, IT’S EMO!! I wish I could understand what they’re singing. (Man, thanks to this song now I’m getting pinball videos suggested in Youtube. My life is over)
  8. Mathias Wick     10/10 Nevermind, this is the most listened song, not Devine Electrifying Induction. This is SO good!!! Is it the singing of whoever is singing? The refreshing bass lines? The post-harcore-ish drums? The math core guitar riffs?

Man, I didn’t want to start this blog with such an inflated review but seriously, I think this is one of the best emo albums of all time. It’s criminally underrated. I wish I could buy a CD of this, but that’s almost impossible, I guess I’ll have to stick with Youtube.

This is definitely a 9.6/10 album, it sadly lacks more smooth bass lines.


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